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Different types of Unlimited GPRS Plans

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    Default Different types of Unlimited GPRS Plans

    It is very much possible to continue with unlimited GPRS plans from your mobile connectivity. Thanks to the changing tariff plans which enables subscribers to now log in to their facebook or twitter or any such social community where they can keep on chatting with friends, upload music and videos, download the same, browse the web and do other such things. The network service providers like Airtel, Aircel, Tata, Reliance, BSNL, Idea, Vodafone and all other such service providers in different parts of India have launched such unlimited GPRS plans. Let us have a look at some of the popular unlimited GPRS plans in INDIA.

    Unlimited GPRS by Vodafone Prepaid
    Tariff of Rs. 14 enables you to connect to internet 24 X 7 with unlimited browsing for 3 days. And a tariff of Rs. 32 enables 1 week browsing with same features. For one month unlimited GPRS you have to fill your account with tariff of Rs. 98 for 1 month. Such offers are really cool and can meet the budget of every pocket and individual needs. Just you need a handset that supports GPRS and you are on the go!

    TATA DOCOMO unlimited GPRS Plans
    Tata Docomo has finally launched their unlimited GPRS plans for their esteemed customers. The plan for unlimited browsing through Tata Docomo comes in just Rs 95 for one month. And at Rs 14 you get unlimited GPRS for three days. Tata also offers unlimited GPRS in its postpaid plans for Rs 98 a month.

    BSNL Unlimited GPRS Plan
    BSNL offers its unlimited GPRS plans at little expensive rate because of their 3G technology that has bee associated with their present connections. They are the only one service provider to offer 3G services at full fledged rate. For post paid plans the rental per month is Rs 199. And for post paid plans the unlimited GPRS comes for recharge value of Rs 230 with validity for one month.

    You can also try RELIANCE GSM Unlimited GPRS, AIRCEL Unlimited GPRS plan, and other such plans which come almost within the price range mentioned above!

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    hmmmm.. unlimited plans are good, but first one must see their total outcome...
    a very nice informative article..

    1. Vodafone: gprs settings come after many calls. sometimes they dont even send proper settings..

    2. Tata docomo is not everywhere around India..

    3. BSNL doesnt have edge capabilities in many places and so can only work as gprs service with the " G" showing there on the phone for " E".. Network is always a problem for this co. though learning with time about competition.

    though the article only mentions ul schemes, but one may also try 100mb 2gb day passes of Airtel and 10 Rs. a day of reliance gsm.. though not sure about if the plans are active all elsewhere..
    job takes the child away.

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    Dear micky,
    I don't have any knowledge of broadband or datacard. Until now I m only using my mobile to connect to internet with my computer. I m not expecting very high speed. Because i m getting only 7 to 15 kbps speed now. Still i m comfortable with it. My daily usage is nearly 50 to 100 mb. I m planning to buy a internet modem (either datacard or broadband modem). I m staying in karnataka (Belgaum). So as per my requirement what thing u suggest me (with reasonable monthly cost)? I need consistant speed not high speed. And how much it will cost me?
    Pls help... Thanks in advance...

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    Thanks for sharing information helped alot

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