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Mobiles Price list

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    Default Mobiles Price list

    Tentative list of some Important sub-entry and mid range phones.
    (Not including any of premium phones as "you pay more and you get more". Though even in premium business class phones, some phones can be scrutinized.

    If you do not find your phone in this list please mention it here with current price list..

    Rates are compiled from different mobile sites, which state that those are actual billing prices.

    Name of the model Price (INR)

    Nokia 1202- 1300/-
    Nokia 2323- 2300/-
    Spice S580- 1999/-
    Nokia 1680- 2700/-
    Nokia 2600c- 3050/-
    Zen Z77 - 3299/-
    Nokia 3110c- 3950/-
    Nokia 2700c- 4100/-
    Intex Ace 6611 IN- 4500/-
    Samsung Marine B2100- 4700/-
    Samsung S3310- 4900/-
    Nokia Supernova 7210- 5100/-
    Samsung S5130 3G- 5100/-
    Samsung S3600 Metro- 5300/-
    Samsung S3500- 5600/-
    Samsung Corby Mate- 5900/-
    Sony Erickson S312- 5700/-
    Samsung Corbt TXT- 6700/-
    Nokia 5310 Express Music- 7500/-
    Samsung Corby Pulse - 8800/-
    Nokia Supernova 7610- 9500/-
    Sony Erickson W910i- 11500/-
    Motorola E8- 12820/-

    Bhool Chook leni deni

    I have personally grabbed the famous phones, many phones may not be present in this compilation..
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