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Need a 3G Plan Prepaid for traveller

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    Red face Need a 3G Plan Prepaid for traveller

    Hey Guys

    Will be coming to india for a month. What 3G option do I have to use my phone in india

    1) Looking for 3G Sim , prepaid.
    2) Will be in Cities - Delhi / Ahmedabad / Patna / Mumbai (Landing in Delhi first so might get a SIM from there)
    3) Duration : 30 days usage only
    4) I guess a 500MB / 1GB data bundle in phone should suffice as well..

    I don't care if they provide / don't provide Microsim.. It will be a bonus..

    I have another option

    I have a portable Wifi Router unlocked, basically I can slip a Data SIM in, and then connect to that from my iPhone as a Wifi router and then browse.. ofcourse , that will mean a bit more of battery drain as Wifi will be on.

    Looking for any options..

    Can u suggest some companies / plans?? So that even if I have to arrange it in advance (if they don't give prepaid 3G sims in market on the spot), I can get my friends/Family to do it in Delhi when I land so that I can use it from day 1..


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    I suggest using an Airtel sim, Airtel will give you good coverage in all the cities you wish to travel, with good 3G speeds too, they also have good 3G plans a 1GB data plan would cost you Rs255 a month.

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    An old post, but posting for future reference. I have traveled across India, well most parts of India, and I used BSNL which worked perfectly without any issue of coverage.

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    Or even MTNL or Airtel which also provide good coverage across India.

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    I have used MTNL and at some places it does not perform its best, and BSNL is a better option. It would take about 3-4 days for your sim to get activated.

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    MTNL and BSNL both use the same network. In Delhi and Mumbai it is MTNL, in rest of India it is BSNL. So if MTNL does not work, BSNL also does not work.
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    That is true, but I personally think that BSNL is much better than MTNL, even though the same network is used the quality is poorer than BSNL.

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