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government assisted cell

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    Default government assisted cell

    Now a days everybody need to communication. If phone service "free government cell phones" give you this communication too easy. What your feelings?

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    I believe the government should stick to maintaining law and order and leave services to private sector and get rid of all the subsidies except agriculture and that too if they are not willing to let private companies go into agriculture. The government should just concentrate on providing a safe and secure environment for private sector to flourish. No subsidies or help to anyone except those who are mentally or physically challenged or the orphans at the most... No govt healthcare no welfare nothing and see this country will rise to be a world power within our lifetime. Those countries that we call welfare states still have the hangover of the colonial era and wont be able to sustain what they are doing... And you are asking for free mobile phones? Go work for your money and buy whatever you want. Why would the government provide you a mobile phone?

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