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Spam SMS messages from real estate agents and builders

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    Default Spam SMS messages from real estate agents and builders

    I have been getting atleast 3-4 messages every day on my mobile number which is already in DND. I never subscribed on any website and nor have I made an enquiry with these idiots but these messages just wont stop. I even called back some of them to request my number to be taken out of their data base but nothing seems to work.

    Any ideas how to get rid of this problem? I am sick and tired of reading those messages one after the other.

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    You are not the only one. I get some once or twice a week and I really dont know what to do about them. I called on the numbers they send to ask them not to send me any more messages and that does not seem to work. Lets just start making a list of spammers here and what number the spam comes from so people are aware of such agents/builders and stay away from dealing with such spammers.

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    You should complain to your mobile service provider and ask them to stop spam on your phone number.

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    This is a common problem when you call one builder or some kind of company you keep getting spam messages, which is not good especially when your number is on DND. Actually there is no point of DND as companies still end up calling and sending SMS's to you. I whole inbox gets full of such messages.

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    Who actually deals with the DND service? As who ever it is dealing with it is not dong a good job.

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