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    Hi guys,
    I'm from Lucknow and I have been using Idea internet since more than a year. Everything used to work fine but since a few days, I'm facing some speed capping and sudden network dropping with my SIM. I used to get around 800 kbps to as much as 1.2 Mbps downloading speed at night, but now it's reduced to just 450-550 kbps.
    What do you think guys, is it the network problem or my handset is giving me this problem?

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    It is hard to say that it's a network problem or your mobile set's fault. Firstly you should try to connect using the same sim card on a different mobile phone. Check if the other phone captures full speed. If Yes, then your mobile might be faulty and you should take it to repair shop.

    If the above step doesn't solve your problem. Then you can think that it's a network issue and might be resolved in some time. But if it isn't solved yet, you should contact Idea helpline and complain them about your issue.

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    It is difficult to answer this question. The solution I think, should be changing your phone. You should try to use your SIM card in some other handset and see if the speed improves. If it still does not show any change, then you should contact the Idea customer care executives. Other reasons for the slow speed could be the location you are staying at. If it is a basement or an underground level then the speed may get affected.

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