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Is going post paid worth it?

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    Default Is going post paid worth it?

    I had been using a prepaid service for a long time and I am now starting to question whether I am really saving money from it or now. Paying a monthly bill seemed to be costly for me but I am starting to realize the limitations of a prepaid service. There are websites that I can't access because they block prepaid users and those annoying spams were subtracting my prepaid load. I know there are those unlimited calls and unlimited text promos offered by some prepaid services but I don't really make calls and texts that much. I am not considering to go post paid but it seemed to be more expensive.

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    Deciding between prepaid or postpaid is a decision that only the user can make, as it all depends on their usage.

    In the past I've had both services and at the moment and for the past couple of years I've had postpaid and that's worked out cheaper for me. In future though, if I can get better value on prepaid I'd have no problems in swapping back.

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    Depends on your usage. For a heavy user, postpaid may be a better option.
    I use Reliance CDMA postpaid - unlimited voice, unlimited roaming, unlimited data (3G equivalent speed) @ 1488.50 incl. tax per month.

    But for moderate to lite user, prepaid is better.
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    That's right. It depends on your usage and budget. Prepaid allows you to have a control on the usage with frequent feedback if you are too concerned about your budget. But if you are an intensive user, then postpaid could be better. There are tailor made plans that fit your requirements under post paid plans. I use a prepaid connection of Idea and pretty much satisfied with the usage. But as you said some sites may not allow members with prepaid connections to enter, then you should stick to a postpaid account. But I don't know why sites do this?

    A decision of postpaid or prepaid could only be taken by the individual based on his/her preference, usage and budgetary constraints.

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    This indeed is a difficult question. It completely depends on the usage by the customer and the service provider. It also is a matter of the price of different packs available under your service provider. If the price suits you, or you find it cheaper than the cost of your prepaid connection, then you should definitely go for a postpaid plan.

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