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24 Things you can do with your Cell Phone

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    Default 24 Things you can do with your Cell Phone

    24 Things you can do with your Cell Phone

    Mobile phones are not just devices which can be used to make phone calls and recieve them but now there are numerous options you can do using your mobile phones. 75% of people living in the metro cities and towns are now prefering mobile phones with extra features like cameras, gps, internet, games, touch-screen features and the average mobile phone user generally changes their mobile phone every year either for buying a new model or for status symbol. With the costs of call charges reducing every passing year and more features coming from the telecom providers like free sms services, caller tones, ringer tones, polyphonic tones etc and many other features. Here is a small list of the different uses of mobile phones.

    1. Play 3D games:
    You can play 3D Games using your mobile phones with Mauj a platform which offers around 32 different high end games for your mobile phones which are compatible with most mobile phone models from Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung. You just need GPRS/WAP enabled on your phone to get started.

    2. Mobile Phone TV:
    You can watch the latest TV news directly from your GPRS based mobile phone. NDTV Active offers a mobile channel using which you can directly view video content. WAP transport charges,SMS charges and other operator charges may apply.

    3. GPS Locations:
    Mobile phones can be used to track your geo-location while you are on a holiday or a business appointment where you need to meet someone on time on a very new location. GPS Mobile Phones offers you with excellent tools and softwares to track the current locations and these GPS receivers are now offered in most latest nokia and sony mobile phones like Xperia. The latest services includes maps offered upto street levels and clear screen quality with location names.

    4. Streaming TV Content:
    BSNL the Indian telecom provider offers you with streaming television, a feature like watching TV shows without a TV and currently six channels ie Zoom, Bindaas, Geet, ETV News Channel, EMN all costing just 150Rs/month only with the help of GPRS.

    5. Run Live Support Business:
    If you have a internet enabled mobile phone you can setup a 24/7 online live support system and run business which works to help you support your business clients and give them live support services. You just need a phone which supports a browser to get started.

    6. Mobile Money Transfer:
    Telecom providers like Airtel are offering services where you can transfer money using mobile phones. This is a partnership of Airtel with HDFC/ICICI/SBI/Corporation Bank. You just need a credit/debit card to get started with the whole list of M-Commerce solutions such as Mobile Money Transfer (MMT).

    7. Reading Mobile Newspapers:
    You dont need to carry a bulky newspaper while travelling to your office because you can now just do the same using your mobile phone by subscribing so the best newspaper website feed’s for free of cost and getting access to the latest news 24/7. Another advantage is that you can access to any localised language version of any newspaper absolutely free of cost.

    8. Cook Pop Corns:
    Recently a group of guys cooked pop corns using their mobile phones and this video really went viral with hundreds of groups giving it a try and many others trying to prove its fake, but well still its something which may be possible using a mobile phone and thats because sound can produce heat which can help you in cooking, though thats not amount of sound which can produce real heat.

    9. Audio Recorders:
    You are in a middle of a surprise meeting or are in a situation where you are being harrased or you are seeing someone being harrased, just start the audio recording feature of your mobile phone and record conversations and later move it to your computer using USB. Its a very useful feature at times of emergency.

    10. Digital Camera:
    The best use of camera mobile phones is that you can point and click and instant capture photos which later you can save,share and directly get them printed using your phone. The latest mobile phones are featured with high end cameras of upto 8.1 Mp which can offer you professional photography options.

    11. Document Viewer:
    You can use your mobile phone to view different documents in pdf or any word document format because most latest mobile phones support different file formats. You just need to make sure you have a mobile phone with a better display screen size to read the documents easily.

    12. Stock Market Trading:
    With the use of internet mobile phones you can connect to your online stock brokers websites and directly trade stocks and get complete reports of the same on your mobile phones email system. This is a very good feature if you are on travel and dont have access to your computer but want to make some shares trading.

    13. Dialing for Health:
    Where there is no internet and appropriate supplies there is no other option to track patients who are infected by HIV in Africa but mobile phones again comes in use with the Phones-for-Health feature which tracks the spread of HIV/AIDS and other healthcase issues like malaria.

    14. Scanning Documents:
    You can use your mobile phones camera to take a scan of any important document or photo. If you need a scanned copy of something you always should not start searching for a scanner but can take a photo using your mobile phone and later transfer the captured file using bluetooth or USB.

    15. Alarm Clock:
    Gone are the days when people use to make use of those big alarm clocks which would have the same tune every morning, now most mobile phone users use their small handy alarm clock ie their phone when they want to setup a alarm clock. The advantage of this is that you can take this alarm anywhere and change the tone anytime with different options like ascending tone, vibration effects etc.

    16. FM Radio:
    Now you dont need a different FM Radio device or any other product when you are in a mood to listen to your favourite music or radio shows. Just connect your headsets to your mobile phone and get started listening to streaming radio with numerous channels. There are hundreds of digital online stations on your cell phone which you can access easily and even download tracks.

    17. ShutDown PC with SMS:
    Its possible to remote shutdown your computer running on Windows XP operating system with the help of just a text message. The process is very simple by creating a shutdown batch file and linking it to your outlook, when you send a SMS from your cell phone to your email address, outlook searches for the specified query and runs the dos batch file which in turn shutdowns your computer.

    18. Video Recording:
    You are in the middle of a surprise party or at office in situation which you feel is worth recording, just start your mobile phone’s video recording feature and record videos upto 1hour because the latest mobile phones are equipped with high internal memory space of around 8gb giving you a high video recording feature.

    19. Flight Booking:
    Numerous travel websites now offer services where in you can register your mobile phones with them and book flight tickets using SMS services and make payments with pre registered credit cards or debit cards with them. Another use which is useful for people who have no access to the internet and are looking for easier ways to book flight tickets, because this service sends them a SMS with their PNR number once the tickets are booked.

    20. Internet Modem:
    You can use your mobile phone as a modem to connect to the internet. For getting this done you need a internet service activated on your mobile phone and a bluetooth feature to transmit all the data to your laptop. Bluetooth enabled mobile phones are the best ones for getting this connection activated and both your devices should have bluetooth and pairing should be done to get started.

    21. Sending Bulk SMS to multiple people at the same time at festival time.

    22. Sending photos of products(MMS) while you are at shopping and making your wife understand the product you are referring to. Instant delivery and easy access.

    23. Comparing Pricing:
    While you are at a shopping mall and are checking out the pricing of some specific products like books or gadgets, you can instantly use the internet on your mobile phone and compare the pricing and select the best deal and save up some of your hard earned money.

    24. Mirror:
    You are in a important meeting or on a date and are tensed about your looks? just activate the front camera of your mobile phone and use it as a mirror and relieve yourself because these front camera’s dont solve any good purpose other than being used a mirror’s.

    If someone could throw light over "17. ShutDown PC with SMS".It would be useful

    If these are some ways you can use your mobile phone,post in this thread.
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    I use my mobile phone or rather PDA for 2 reasons , both of which are not given in this thread !

    Make/receive calls :- I use my phone to make and receive calls :surrender: .... sometimes for texting ..... though because i am very impatient i prefer to call ...

    ShowOff :- I use it to impress people by showing off (in a very subtle manner , not a very 'in your face manner')[very frank bout it ]....

    Rest of the features in my phone are pretty much wasted on me !


    i have run out of adjectives to describe your informative threads ...... and also run out of repo ....

    "Another Gr8 post!" is all i can offer u
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