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Best Nokia phones

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    Default Best Nokia phones

    I had been many mobiles in my life till now..

    we at home basically are Nokia users...but my Father bought an L.G phone for his reliamce connection which he regrets to buy....

    I think only nokia makes the best phones..Phones which are commentable and appreciable..

    in this thread i will like to post what are good low end and middle end mobiles that are making Nokia one and only toughest brand..

    i had my first mobile nokia 2100 from my was his love..but because it was a black and white and heavy phone, he gave it to my surprise the phone is, i found to be the greatest of things ever made by human beings..
    it has a very tough built up. a strong battery backup, clarity of voice, signal strengthning ability, and it also has a small painting application by which you can send hand made pics to your has picture messaging also...

    so this one was 2100. very strong mobile..

    i started to hate 2100 after two years..the phone was not going to die at all...
    because i was a teenager, my parents couldnt give me any new high end mobile. i saw a very small mobile in one of my friends was nokia 1600, another scoudrel..
    this phone, just like 2100 wasnt going to die anyways..the screen was colored, there were many good things like big sms box(50), 500 or more contacts, pic mesgs, three very nice games, viz. cricket, carrom, football( futbol being the best)...i found the phone to be very tough one,.the signal catching power of this buddy phone was tremendous and clarity was impressive,. slim and nice features..

    than after another year, i got a $hitty with this phone, it wasnt going to end i planned a farewell to this phone..i told my cousin that i can gift her this phone of mine on my birthday and she said ok (cause she hadnt any and she hell-ly needed too-cause she went tuitions)'so i got a chance to try a new one...

    i went to the shop of one of my friends, and he himself told me to buy nokia 3100c. its a very elgant phone. supports 2gb( i dont need anything more than this) a 1.3mpxl cam, supports midp1,2 jars.., to my suprise this phone too was not going anyways to self destruct itself...i put a memory card of 2gb local and it too is working madly past one year.....this phone was making me crazy and i told my Mother that i want a new phone,....

    my Mother told me that i should gift my Father a good phone on his birthday cause he is officer of a very prestigious central govt. deptt. so i told her that i can give him a N95 and take his N72 phone( which i always dreamt of, to take someday)

    i did the same, i took his 2007 n72, . and gifted him N95 ( using it too )

    than my mind got sick of the slow processing of N72 and also i got the card corrupted by taking it out while i asked my friend shopkeeper of another friend and he told me of Nokia supernova 7210...
    this one is little different from my other phones. supports a 2gb mc, has BL4CT slim battery, usb port is different too( little oval type shape), 2mpxl camera, and many other things which nokia 3110c doesnt support...

    i dont know, about for how many days will i be able to quit this love of getting new nokia phones,,,i think i must quit this habit....

    by the way , no need to buy any branded memory cards,..i purchased a R.P 1gb micro sd card-(local delhite) and its working very nicely past two years( nazar na lag jaye...)


    oh yes forgot to mention about nokia 2626. i used it for four months and i sold it off...
    however the phone has nice fm, recording voice, etc but the processing is too slow....i will like to tell you guys and gals out there not to buy this phone ever...
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    Nokia is certainly one of the best mobile phone makers in the market. But some other providers like Apple, HTC and Sony are slowly eating into Nokia's market for now. I have used only 5 phone's so far. The first one was 5570 or something similar, my friends called Brick , next one was motorola a very old model, had it sometime (6 months) before it went kaput :46:. Then I got my hands on Nokia 2300. This was by far one of the bes phones I have used in my life, It was small and very simple in usage. I had it for sometime before moving to N73 music Edition. N73 was my first jump to moving to phone which did other thing than just call or sms. I had a lot of fun with N73, then hardware problems started to come and after 18 months of usage, I moved to E71. E71 as far as UI and sleekness is concerned is a very good phone. This is the phone I use currently and I love the design and the keypad and the phone as such. But for the life of me I am still not able to configure Gmail nor my personal email a/c using E71. If somebody can help me with I will appreciate it.

    Here's the big funda (for me atleast.. :38

    I have used 5 phones in my lifetime and all the 5 phones were given as gift to me. I have not bought a single mobile so far , man how bad is that

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    well i dont think so nokia phones r tht gr8 also....!!!!

    yes definately thy r user freiendly n sturdy n thts the only reason y r thy being used extensively in India....Apart from India.....there r various other brands like motorola, sony E , Samsung....which are more popular n used....!

    I personally feel the same...i ve used a couple of nokia phones n found 7610 to be the best from the lot......
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