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"Nexus" has "One" Major Problem !

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    Default "Nexus" has "One" Major Problem !

    Google's entry (well, it was made by HTC though) to the telecom world with the Nexus One has been in the news for some time and had created a lot of hype as it being a iphone killer, has found itself in some huge trouble.

    People on google support forums are reporting reception issues on the Nexus One, where as the same sim card on an another phone had no problems at all.

    This is most likely a hardware issue as there seem to be no problems with 3G reception and the phones have identical software. Seems like google was in a bit of a hurry when they released the phone.

    So, if you own a "one", keep the packaging safely as you might need to send it back.

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    HTC's hardware has always been in question.. (at least for me).. its like they make cheap substitutes for everything (touchscreen to entire phone in this case)

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