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3G Mobile Phones In India

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    Default 3G Mobile Phones In India

    It is almost two years since India has started hearing about 3G mobile phones. Unfortunately, 3g network is not available in most of the major cities in India. It is currently available in very limited zones in certain cities. Many a times 3G network auction has been postponed for various reasons. This makes the Indian community wait eagerly for the 3G network so that they to can join people that enjoy high speed mobile internet connectivity.

    In anticipation of the 3G network in India, almost all the new mobile phones that are launched in India come with 3G handling capability or at least all the smart phones that are launched in India are with 3G facility. With the lack of light regarding when 3G facility will become a common network in India, mobile phone users are still in dilemma whether to go for 3G mobile phones in India or to be satisfied with their EDGE and GPRS connection.

    However, to woo more customers to the 3G mobile market, all top brands including Nokia, Samsung, LG etc., release many new 3G models in the Indian market hoping to get the attention of the mobile phone enthusiasts.

    Recently a new iPhone from apple has been released by Airtel. Airtel has recently launched iPhone 3GS with advanced features. iPhone, which is an Apple product, has been initially launched by Airtel and the previous version it launched was the much awaited iPhone 3G. In this series, it has also launched the latest iPhone available in the market. This particular move from Airtel has made many mobile phone users suspect the imminence of 3G network in India. Every one is anticipating that the 3G network will be enabled soon in India in all the major cities.

    Indian mobile companies use 3G as one of the advanced features of their latest phones to attract their target group. Moreover, it is advisable for those who do not change their mobile phones too frequently but planning to change one at this moment to go for a mobile phone with 3G capability so that you will not have to change your mobile within a short time once India becomes 3G enabled in the next few months.

    3G mobile phones in India will help you transfer and download advanced media content faster using your mobile devices. You will be able to watch streaming videos and listen to music easily without having to wait for the files to download for a long time. Once you have the experience of 3G, you will never be able to use the current GPRS because 3G will make you realize how slow your EDGE connectivity has been all along. So go ahead and choose a 3G mobile phone if you are planning to change your phone now.

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