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Unlocked phones and OS updates

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    Default Unlocked phones and OS updates

    With all the news about Windows Phone updates that has just been released, I'm kind of curious to know if unlocked phones will receive updates before locked phones? I think they might since an unlocked phone won't be tied to any specific carrier. What worries me is ATT and their past history with testing updates, I realize Microsoft will push the updates through Zune, but how long can a carrier test an update, did Microsoft provide a time frame for testing? I hope they did! If nobody knows I guess we will find out soon, and if it turns out that unlocked phones get the updates first, I think I will be unlocking my phone only to receive updates quickly.

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    If the phone is officially unlocked by manufacturer or network operator, then only one can expect OS updates else there are other ways of getting updates as in case of iPhone. ( For hacked phones or unofficially unlocked phones there is application called (cydia)

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