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    Default Samsung S3 vs Iphone 5

    which is best mobile Samsung siii or Iphone 5.......?

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    Samsung Galaxy SIII is better one to go for.

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    First of all Android in my opinion is a lot more user friendly as compared to ios. S3 in my opinion is a lot better value for money.

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    both are not value for money, try a low end phone. i am going for Xolo Q800 Price - Buy Xolo Q800 Price in India, Best Prices n Review i feel its value for money. plus the cpu i know the arch well enough to modify the hardware and software.

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    Default Re: Samsung S3 vs Iphone 5

    If you need bragging rights of owning an iPhone then better go for it other wise s3 is the way to go

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    After my experience of having an iphone and briefing using a Samsung S3, I would definitely go for the Samsung phones. I think there is less complications in the Samsung S3, you have a bigger screen and plus you have a better mp camera. Another major plus point is that the software update is automatic, where as with the iphone you have you connect your phone to your computer and then update your iOS.

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