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Google Now Launcher released Android

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    Default Google Now Launcher released Android

    Google Now Launcher is now available for Android 4.1 and above mobile phones. Previously Google Launcher which is also known as Google Experience Launcher was available for Nexus mobile phones.
    Features of Google Now include being able to access it by swiping from left to right on the screen. It acts very much like a personal assistant which typically follows voice commands in order to make voice calls, send text messages or opening uo a particular application. With the Google Now Launcher users will be able to experience a faster searching.

    The information provided to the user is from the UI card which gives notifications about the weather distance from a certain destination etc. These notifications can also be disabled.

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    I don't really understand this Google launcher. Is it something we have to download or something automatic on all Android 4.1 and above phones?
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    From what I understand about the thread post Google Now Launcher basically takes commands to control things on your phone. Pujit I think it is something which you download.

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