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Xiaomi Mobile Phone Review

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    Default Xiaomi Mobile Phone Review

    Can someone please confirm for me whether Xiaomi mobile phone is Chinese or Indian. Also it would a good idea to know what the performance of these mobiles is like, whether they last long or not and if they are reliable. I have seen a few Xiaomi phones and they are quite good and have good specifications, and I was thinking whether it would be good to get a Xiaomi mobile as a second phone or not.

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    I dont know much about the phone brand, but I know there has been some recent privacy concern with Xiaomi phones.

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    It is a good phone for basic purposes, like calling, messaging, internet etc., with a good battery.
    It is not suitable for gaming or even multi-tasking because RAM is insufficient.
    It has been noted that it often connects to its servers in China, God knows what info it sends there, but for this Xiaomi has said that it will set up servers in India which could be monitored.

    Better to buy Moto-E from motorola

    Disclosure: I do have a RedMi phone from Xiaomi

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    Yes it was in the new a few days, that data gets sent to China servers, which is why it is not allowed to be used by the Indian Airforce. I think Moto E is defiantly a better option than Xiaomi, at least it is more reliable, I think there is a second version for the Moto E phone.

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    Xiaomi phones are pretty much the same as Micromax and Lava phones, so expect the same from Xiaomi phones.

    As you said you want a second phone so it is not bad, but then you can also consider a cheap Samsung phone which would roughly cost the same.

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