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China keen to develop its own secure smartphones?

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    Default China keen to develop its own secure smartphones?

    China is planning to develop its own smartphones to insulate them from US surveillance. In China Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (e-commerce company) joined hands with ministry of public security to develop an exclusive mobile operating system for police officers.

    China always want to be self reliant in all fields. That is why Google is not being used in China and instead another search engine called Baidu is being used by the public.
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    They created that company just before 2000. At least that's what they say on their website. But they also say that the company exists since 102 years? I think it's a translation problem on the English version. They also do business in the USA and Taiwan, not only in Mainland China. Their primary goal is to support small businesses, and they raise entrepreneur funds in their recent press releases. It's strange that they chose the name Alibaba, because it's part of the very famous story from the Middle East : "Ali Baba et les 40 voleurs".

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    Protection from the US only? They made so much enemies just by this year because they were claiming so many territories around their neighbors. I know Alibaba is known for those many sellers who are scammers so I am not sure if what they will make is really that secure.

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    I actually really like the Chinese. Always innovative and try to be independent. Maybe that is why they are a threat and are likely to be a superpower in the near future.

    I guess not using a common search engine makes them cut off and thus their data is not in Google like everyone elses' data.

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