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How to configure Internet connection from Two ISP on a Single LAN with NAT Routing?

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    Question How to configure Internet connection from Two ISP on a Single LAN with NAT Routing?

    Is it possible to use a D Link (DI-LB604) Load Balancing router to configure dual broadband internet connection (both with Static IP) on a Single LAN?
    We need to set the Router system with NAT routing to a Cloud Server on the LAN having a Private IP. The Cloud server has specific open ports to access the Cloud Application.
    Also need to ensure fail safe change over to the alternate Internet connection when Internet service from one ISP is down.

    We have a 100MBPS Static IP (treated as Primary Connection) from Tata Indicom and another 8MBPS Static IP (treated as Secondary connection) from BSNL.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Well the router will be configured for a single LAN connection with both connections.
    Regarding NAT routing to Cloud server you need to do port forwarding settings for both WAN connections by navigating to Tools -> Misc.(snapshots 1 & snapshot 2).

    Regarding your 3rd & last question on safe switchover, I suggest you to keep both WAN settings to enable.(Although there is also a backup option u may set for the secondary connection, you may try both & observe the difference).Also, configure the load sharing settings as per requirement.

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    Hi Ramitzar

    Thanks for the help. The info was helpful to our network vendors to set up as required.

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