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Suggest a wireless router for BSNL connection

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    Default Suggest a wireless router for BSNL connection

    I have a BSNL connection and require a new wireless router, please suggest a suitable router for my wired BSNL connection. I will be connecting a laptop, a desktop and mobile phone to the wireless router. Sometimes all three maybe connected at one time.

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    Linksys by Cisco, Belkin, Netgear, and D-Link are the best brands currently available. I can personally vouch for the quality of D-Link and Belkin, as well as Netgear. Linksys though, would not need my recommendation.

    Netgear routers are available widely and also with the online retailers.

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    How lucky you are Ishaan Singh wherever you live that you have a good BSNL telephone line to continue to use BSNL's broadband. Wish I could have said the same where I live in Luckinow. Here the GSP exchange should be blown up and its SDO transferred to Kala Pani as it cannot even provide static free landline and steady connection so that broadband could run steadily without interruptions. Their copper wiring runs underground through residential plots and under bad quality roads without any protection whatsoever. Whenever construction or repair work is done the cables get cut.

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