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UTStarcom UT300R2U Firmware upgrade

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    Default UTStarcom UT300R2U Firmware upgrade


    I have BSNL Broadband. I had Huawei SmartAX MT800 ADSL router. But this router was not connecting properly. So in 2009, I bought new router. Unforunately it is UTStarcom UT300R2U . I have been using this router for 5 years now. I never noticed that this router gets disonnected just fraction of seconds and again connects. Recently I have noticed it. I have complained it to BSNL, they asked me to buy new router. But I am pretty sure that there is problem with firmware of this router because says it has a firmware upgrade. But the exe file which I downloaded from is saying 404 firmware file not found. I wrote e-mail to bsnl but they are not replying. Can someone tell me where can I get firmware upgrade for this router.

    Following is the information about router.

    Device Info

    Board ID: 96338L-2M-8M
    Software Version: 3.08.BSNL_02.01.02_tr64.
    Bootloader (CFE) Version: 1.0.37-8.7
    Firmware Version: UT300R2U.0011.01
    Hardware Version: UT300R2U 2.2
    Model Name: UT300R2U

    This information reflects the current status of your DSL connection.

    Line Rate - Upstream (Kbps): 510
    Line Rate - Downstream (Kbps): 2046
    LAN IP Address:
    Default Gateway:
    Primary DNS Server:
    Secondary DNS Server:

    Searching firmware uprade for UT300R2U

    Thanks in advance.

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    connect / disconnect is 99.99% not a firmware issue. my guess would be that it is a line / splitter / cordless telephone / microwave oven issue.
    get a friend's wifi capable modem + router, and try using it just as you would use thus UTStarcom modem. and see if the issue persists.

    install filter/splitter on all telephones in ur home, including any cordless phones. if u have a cordless phone, keep it in another room form the modem, also ensure that there are atleast 2 walls between ur modem and any microwave ovens. this is just to ensure no outside interference in troubleshooting the issue.

    erratic disconnections are most probably line issues, so, if all telephones are filtered, and filters or splitters installed on all phones except ur modem, then, check the ADSL line statistics in the diagnostics page in ur modem configuration UI. what is the upstream / downstream statistics? SNR?

    do report back.

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    I bought the same modem second hand from someone for Rs 50. It is labeled MTNL T-KD 318-EUI.

    The modem would connect after many times switching it on and disconnected every 8-10 seconds, so I opened it up. There were capacitors bulging up because of years of use in hot condition. There top were swelling out.

    So I replaced two capacitors 1000 F 6.3 V capacitors with 1000F 16V capacitors that I had. It is now working as new. Now it connects in seconds and never disconnected after that. I SNR margin has also increased from 26 dB to 35 dB after replacing the capacitors.

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