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Auto login in SITI BROADBAND

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    Lightbulb Auto login in SITI BROADBAND

    Hi, I'm from Kolkata and I'm using SITI BROADBAND. I had configured my router NETGEAR JNR1010 and using wifi for a long time. But only one difficulties I'm finding is every time I have to login to a specific url and connect from there. And if I log into from my mobile or tab and leave the wifi idle for a long time, it automatic disconnects me from the site and again I have to login .

    Is there any way to save the credentials in my router so that when I power on my router it automatically connects me?
    Please share your ideas.
    Thanks in advance

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    The best way to deal with this is to have an application running on your mobile phone which updates every 5-10 mins like some email client or even tapatalk. This will keep the connection active and you wont have to login again and again. You obviously need to keep your mobile phone connected using wifi.

    I have a worldphone connection and I dont have to log in for days when I leave my phone or tab connected all the time with wifi.

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