I have WA3002G4 modem, which has wi-fi & 4 LAN Ports. I am successfully able to set up the ADSL Internet connection & Wi-Fi.

I have configured DHCP server in this device & Wireless clients are able to get the IP Assigned successfully. However for the devices connecting to the LAN ports, there is no IP address getting assigned.

What is that I am missing?
* I did tried disabling the wireless option as well, but still there is no IP address fetched on the LAN port.
* How do I use these LAN ports,?

Device Info

BoardID: 96338W
Software Version: 1132_061507-3.08L.BSNL_02.
Bootloader (CFE) Version: 1.0.37-8.7
Firmware Version: WA3002G4-0021.01
Hardware Version: WA3002G4 1.0
Model Name: WA3002G4
Wireless Driver Version: