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TNDSL 2120 ADSL modem, disconnects ADSL frequently

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    Question TNDSL 2120 ADSL modem, disconnects ADSL frequently


    I have Telenet TNDSL 2120 modem, & ADSL disconnects very frequently every 5 minutes.

    I need to restart the modem manually to restore the internet connectivity. What configuration should I do to avoid this? I have verified the ADSL line with other modems & they are very stable. I have checked for errors in ADSL line & the line gain is very good.

    Even I am unable to connect to the home IP page when modem drops the connection. I presume Ethernet port connecting is going to sleep every now & then. I have seen many threads reporting similar issues, but didn't found a working solution. Is there a working link where I can download the firmware & upgrade?

    The Board ID: 96338L-2M-8M
    Bootloader (CFE) version:1.0.37-0.8

    Thanks in Advance.


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    A drop in ADSL has nothing to do with your LAN. Even if there is no internet connectivity or ADSl sync you must be able to access the router's preferences page.
    If you are not even able to access your default gateway (, Its your Modem's fault.100% sure thing. Claim warranty ASAP.

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