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Difference in routers?

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    Default Difference in routers?

    I am no expert in routers and all, hence on the forum. I wanted to know what is the difference in routers apart from the brand name. The main features which many know about are whether the router is wireless or not which I suppose is the main difference. Other than that is there anything else that one has to look out for when choosing between the different routers?

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    may depend on for WHAT purpose are you choosing a router. even am no expert; far from it. are you planning to purchase one?

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    The main features would be
    1. Range (Wireless g, n, n+..etc)
    2. Antenna type (Internal or external)
    3. No of antennals
    4. Wireless router with ADSL modem
    5. No of LAN ports
    6. Looks and cost
    7. User interfaces. (utility software)
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    There are a couple differences you should look out for when picking a router ; the first thing you check when choosing a wireless router is whether it’s a b, g or n. the letters represent the router’s generation. You will want to avoid a b since it’s the oldest generation and as you can guess the slowest and the least compatible with modern technology. An n generation wireless router is a best option so far.

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