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Help needed in configuring a Router (TP-Link Wireless N Nano Router)

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    Question Help needed in configuring a Router (TP-Link Wireless N Nano Router)

    Actually I'm using a cable internet connection called Drisya (here in Kerala) and my ISP is Kottayam Cable Channel Distributors Pvt LTD.

    They don't actually have thing like a real modem instead have a device to convert the optical fiber connection to LAN, and I have to use this "tp link Wireless n nano router" if I need Wi-Fi.

    The device they given me won't connect to the internet itself. So I have to Create a New Connection on my Win 8 Desktop and Dial every time with the username and password they give to connect to internet and to use internet.

    So what I did is that, I connect the LAN Cable from that device to the tp-link router and connected the router to power. I tried to configure it myself. I select the router mode (in router settings) and give my username and password they give me there and saved all setting and restarted.

    But the problem is that, Wi-Fi gets connected but I can't browse internet. The connection stays Limited on my PC nor I can't browse any pages on my phone.

    Do I have to do anything else?

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    Once logged in to the Settings homepage of your router (Default Username and password should be "admin" without quotes), go to the advance settings page, and make sure you also provide the service provider/host name if you have any(joister was SP name in my case), as I am using TP-LINK Router and had faced the similar issue on windows 7. Let us know if it works.

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