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Modem memory card slot not working

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    Default Modem memory card slot not working

    My modem came with a memory card slot, but whenever I insert the card it never opens. The memory card be detected under my computer as disk E. what could be the problem

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    If the memory card isn't detecting by the Modem, you can try using it in a mobile phone. If it works correctly in your mobile phone. Then you can try inserting it again in the modem properly. If the problem still persists, then the memory card slot might be damaged or has some issues. If it's new Modem, you can complain about it. There is one more possibility that your computer's driver configuration will be missing. Try uninstalling the modem and restarting your PC. Then install the modem again, to see if it solves your issue.

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    try by updating the modem driver
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    Nowadays SIM also comes is various sizes like mini SIM, Micro SIM like that. You need to check if the SIM being inserted by you is of proper size to the slot in the modem. Try to insert another SIM of different size. IF the SIM slot is only for a normal SIM card, try to use an adapter before inserting it into the modem.

    I was facing this problem while using my WiFi dongle as it was designed only for normal SIM. I suggest you try this before doing anything else so that this possibility can be ruled out first.

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