Here's how you setup bridged mode in your dsl modem.Bridged mode basically allows you to connect to your dsl connection through a dialer.Its like you need to dial to connect to the internet.It has its own advantages..In case you have a different modem, you still can follow these steps.There might be small changes here and there..So here we go..

For Different ISP's Different vpi/vci values are used. These values need to be known to fix this right . So here are the vpi/vci values for BSNL,MTNL and AIRTEL connections
1) BSNL - VPI/VCI = 0/35
2) MTNL - VPI/VCI = 0/32
3)AIRTEL - VPI/VCI = 1/32

Now remember the correct vpi/vci values and proceed by following this . BSNL vpi/vci values 0/35 is used in this tutorial , so incase you have any other isp , use that isp's vpi/vci .

Step 1:Go to and enter username and password as admin

Step 2:You will see a page similar to what is shown in the screenshot below :

Step 3:Now go to Advanced Setup->WAN and click on the Edit button next to vpi/vci 0/35

Step 4:You should see this page, now Click on next

Step 5:Now click on the Radio Button next to "Bridging" as shown in the screenshot and click on next

Step 6:You should see a page like this, click on Next

Step 7:And the last step on the router side, click on SAVE.After which you would require to reboot your adsl modem.

Now the modem configuration part is done.You now need to create a dialer to connect to the internet.Here's how you do it

Step 1:Go to start->control panel and click on "Networking and Sharing Center"(in classic view).In windows XP it is Network Connections

Step 2:Now click on Setup a Connection or Network( or create a connection in windows xp).You will find this on the left hand side corner..

Step 3:A new window would pop up.Select "Connect to the internet" and click on Next

Step 4:Select "NO , create a new connection" and click on NEXT

Step 5:Click on Broadband(PPoE)

Step 6:Enter your ISP's username and password in the appropriate fields and click on CONNECT .

Step 7:You should now be able to connect to the internet.

Step 8 : Open this thread using your new connection and hit the like button