Could someone please take some of their important time off for this one.

You see, ever since mtnl mumbai decided to use ip to inject unauthorized and unwanted code, yes i do mean the scripts that
show ads for now and who knows what else in future, I have been looking for a solution that blocks this nonsense on all devices connected to
dsl-2750u wireless router,
Its just a headache for me, I have looked everywhere, apparently all the guides are for non Indian version.

And I know we should use https everywhere etc. , some websites are just not capable of moving on for now to https and i do need to use them every now and then.

there are two options on the ip filter screen,
option one, add filter
option two, add rule

if you do decide to help please do provide example using, this is the IP I have to block.

As to what mtnl mumbai has been upto, I can only say that, such theft of code and invasion of one's personal computer and personal life is a criminal act that must be stopped, these scripts are not just ad display scripts, you will be shocked to know what havoc these can play on one's computer and in one's life.

So please do help
and thanks in advance.

here is the screenshot
Screenshot from 2015-10-07 21:38:30.png