I have been on MTNL network for some time now. Have been using the tp-link 8961 as the modem + router for the last 1 year without any problem.
However, I recently shifted houses and thats when the problem started. I reset the tp-link for the new MTNL connection but for some reason the wifi speeds have have gone down. Specially if more than 1 device is connected, the connections keep dropping etc. I did search through forums like this and elsewhere to find if I have messed up on the setting somewhere, but no real solution yet. If anybody can help, it would be really great. I basically have done the set up using the smart utility in tp-links web interface
The second option I have is the following - I have these slightly old 2750U and E900 lying around with me which I was using before I bought the tp-link.
My question is what would be the best combination to use all these 3 to achieve a Modem + Router + Wifi Extender combination. This needs to be given the fact that wifi speed on my tp-link is bad. So can I use the tp-link as the Modem + E 900 as the wifi router connected to it + the 2750u as a wifi extender? Or the other way round - 2750u as modem + e 900 as router + tplink as the extender. I have a feeling that E900's wifi network would be the best so not suggesting either tplink or the 2750u as the main wifi router. So what option do you guys think would be the best.
And oh, once the option is decided, I would also need the entire settings guide on how to set up