I've been using this router for a few years now. No problems at all. Then finding confidence in official pdf guides by digisol themselves, I found they are providing firmware upgrade .img files for my router. I read through the instructions, made sure that my modem didn't ship with the latest and the greatest firmware revision.

The web console of the router has a page to browse and upload the firmware update image. Since the download had two images one dated 17th april 2013 and one of 17th oct 2013, I thought it would be safe to do them chronologically. FYI, the update file I started with (and which started my problem) is R8676_IPv6_DIGISOL_4PWNE2_5BR_16M_0417_1055.
As per the guide, the modem is supposed to reboot automatically once the firmware is uploaded. Post upgrade, the modem should have reloaded the webpage and i would have got the login box to get into the router.

This last part is not happening at all. There is no WLAN light activated post upgrade. I had set router to That didn't work. I tried and even Also I remembered and changed my own laptop address to be Static. I cannot however find a way to look into the console of the modem.

So right now, Power, LAN and surprisingly the Internet LEDs glow. ADSL cable in/out, the DSL light doesn't bother.

Going by the disappointing search results, I'm guessing these routers are cheap enough to not bother starting forum topics or solution posts for...

Any help with getting it back to working condition would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

p.s. Wanted to update firmware because currently, the wifi would keep dropping off the client devices although the wifi led will keep blinking, etc. not one but all devices gets dropped off. they can see the AP but can't connect.

p.p.s: i see the tiny hole behind the router saying reset, but how hard do i press? I felt like I would crush the modem to a PCB.