Hello all!

i was looking for a tab, compulsorily with data-connectivity feature. earlier was fixed on tabs with LTE sim-slots. however, someone told me about MiFi routers. i then got a good deal on a Mi Pad 2. this tab has better hardware than many others in similar price-range, only thing it lacks is a sim-slot (& an mSD slot). am about to buy that tab now. just wanted to be sure by posting here, about the advantages of MiFi over regular sim-usage. i have to use the tab during travels too...my plan is to use the sim in a MiFi router, & keep it in a bag from where it'll broadcast the signal & i'll use my tab normally. other advantage is that if & when am abroad, i can use the MiFi router using an int'l sim, to also connect my laptop too to the network, which wont be possible with just a sim. pls share your thoughts on this.