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Annoying low battery warning beeps

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    Default Annoying low battery warning beeps

    I think the low batt warning is an issue with most motorola sets

    I have a motorola W180 (basic). Its a very nice set except the annoying low battery beeps and crappy keypad.

    Anyone's got a clue to stop this beeps???

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    Well dont know much, but i know some phones have settings, where you can stop the beeping noise if the battery is low. You just need to browse through your phone and change the settings, thats all i can suggest!

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    You can do it by flashing your Phone through supported softwares for your phone models.
    Like Hex editors,
    The information can be taken if you search google. Flashing is a risky business but you can lot of changes in your supported phones, But beware if you dont know anything as i ruined my L7 after doing hell lot of changes.

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    i'm with pisces_m
    u just need to flash ur fone with any latest monster pack(flash).
    info on flashing ur fone is available on modmymoto .com >> guides >> select ur fone >> flashing
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    guys pls check the date of thread
    job takes the child away.

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