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Has anyone tried the Moto Rokr EM 30

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    Default Has anyone tried the Moto Rokr EM 30

    I'm on a phone hunt (my old nokia 6020 works, but the ringer has recently given up...)
    I came across Motorola Moto Rokr EM 30....(smape dot com has the best review on it)
    Its not at all a cool, head turner gadget , but looks unusual and runs a Linux OS, something that I'm looking for , a talk/text brick without any gimmicks

    Has anyone bought/used/tried this phone ?
    It would be gr8 if someone can post any feedback (especially music/audio quality...)

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    A friend of mine has the Moto Rokr, as far as i know he is happy with the phone and brought it more or less for the same reasons you want to!

    The sound quality is not bad, its actually quite good as compared to other phones!

    Hope that little bit of information helped you!

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    good looks, nice shape, decent audio, good battery life.
    But my suggestion is, dont go for this phone.
    the buttons are horrible (not ergonomic), plenty of problems while typing.
    camera takes decent photos only in certain light conditions.(balanced)
    it can support upto as 8GB memory(as far as i know) and has really cool dedicated butons, but what use ? audio nowhere near n-series(i know about price difference), video hmmm screen too small. And the headphone is not worth using either.
    I didnt like this phone as a whole.

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