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Motorola Droid

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    Default Motorola Droid

    Motorola Droid is going to be launched some time this month or may be next month at the latest and is all set to beat the iphone if rumors are to be believed.

    There are a lot of features that the Motorola Droid has and iphone doesnt.

    Here are a few features that Motorola Droid has and Apple's Iphone doesnt :

    Android 2.0 Operating system
    Multitasking (iphone only runs one application at a time)
    Higher resolution
    5 Megapixel camera
    Night mode pictures
    Speech recognition
    Video recording
    Notification panel
    10000+ applications
    Qwerty key pad (slide out)
    Replaceable battery

    The above are just a few features that will be available in the Motorola Droid but I am sure there must be more to it. We will get to know once Motorola Droid is launched on Verizon network in USA.

    I never bought the iphone just because it looked too delicate to me. I keep dropping my mobile phone every now and then and iphone wont have lasted more then a month and would have been a complete waste of money.

    If these details about Motorola Droid turn out to be true then I am sure going to buy one because this looks like The most sophisticated mobile phone that I have ever heard of.

    What do you guys think about this new Motorola Droid?

    Does anyone have any idea what is the price of Motorola Droid mobile phone on pay as you go?
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    Cool. Its multi-tasking capability is what actually after most. I'm used on multi tasking on computer and I'm just not used on not being able to do it on my phone. At least now it also have higher resolution and seems to have a good spec on its camera. My last mobile phone's camera sucks. Had any of you used any phone that has speech recognition?

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    Nice posting friend,thanks for sharing with all,keep posting.

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