Combined with the features of brilliant keyboard, swift LTE data, and a processor of 1.2 GHz all in one Android device, the Motorola droid 4 is late to appear. It is a great deal to the fans of Motorola but peoples not familiar to the QWERTY keypad will find it difficult to use. And they may also not enjoy carrying such a heavy phone.

Motorola Droid 4 is 4G LTE slider Android phone with dual-core processor and a QWERTY keyboard. This phone provides a very fast data transfer speed with the help of 4G data transmission technology and also gives a very great experience of typing. In this phone you can enjoy more pleasant call quality over various networks.

By exchanging swift data and its powerful components for a frame of particular size and carry, the Motorola Droid 4 shows that life is to make milestones. It is not provided with the latest version of Android that is Ice Cream sandwich and the screen of Motorola droid 4 is also not of AMOLED type.

Motorola Droid 4 (Version Wireless)
The first Motorola droid phone was really a great Smartphone that was introduced by Motorola. Motorola further introduced the extended version with the feature of Android provided with rock solid version connection network and not to mention the excellent keyboard. The previous phone of Motorola droid 4, droid 3 lacked in the feature of 4G and the dual core processor and it proved to be disappointment to the fans of android keyboard.

Motorola used the same design that is used in its previous handsets like Droid Razr and Motorola droid Razr Maxx to make the Motorola Droid 4. The phone gives a sporty look when viewed form back. It has the rounded edges and the horizontal cut edges which provide it a stunning look. The handset has the dimensions of 5x2.65x0.50 which makes it a massive handset. Heavy side of droid 4 is that it weighs about 6.31 ounces. It stands out in the row of the present smart phones which are available these days when compared in the field of wafer-thin trend. By sliding the phone you can see the excellently designed typing surface. The keys are tightly packed which makes it difficult to use but the rubberized back provides it a perfect grip. It contains the dedicated number row which is on the top if the keys provided.

User interface
Motorola droid 4 doesnít contain the latest version of android ice cream sandwich instead it runs on Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread which is its greatest letdown. It is providing its own user interface to modernize the interface of the phone and totally itís a very good effort. It has 5 home screens which are further represented in a helicopter view at a glance and some shortcuts are also given on the home screen for the social media.

besides the perfect keyboard provided, this Smartphone has other excellent features like availability to access the android market which provides millions of applications.