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MTNL 3G Plans

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    Default MTNL 3G Plans

    Few Excellent MTNL 3G Plans

    The new rollout of 3G services continues to create highlights in news and there is lot of anticipation from the Indian Telecom sector with this service. Though the auctions for the 3G spectrum were delayed till the mid of January 2009 the MTNL (Sister Company of BSNL in Delhi and Mumbai) and BSNL were automatically awarded this spectrum. Thus, taking full advantage of this privilege to them MTNL launched the 3G services for the first time in India in Delhi and Mumbai in December 2008 itself.

    There have been lots of speculations regarding the 3G of BSNL and MTNL during their launch. But they were able to overcome all criticism and speculations. The service of MTNL 3G is excellent and they have offered some excellent MTNL 3G plans. The hopes are coming true with their less troubling service. MTNL has the pride of being the first 3G mobile service operator in India and their New 3G prepaid plans have got excellent response from all sections of people – business executives, students, tech savvies and others.

    MTNL 3G plans reveal that they offer the lowest local voice as well as video calling which is perhaps the lowest in the entire earth. In US the telecom sectors may have all the advanced facilities but the billing and charges are really complicated. In India BSNL and MTNL has made mobile phoning a child’s task. You just need to pay 0.20 paisa per minute for the 3G GSM video calling and voice call.

    MTNL 3G Plans: The MTNL prepaid 3G plan comes really cheap. You get the connections in just Rs. 109 which actually incorporates Rs. 80 for the 3G SIM KIT and the rest Rs. 29 is for the FRC and what more you have lifetime validity. Besides that the pack also includes 25MB data usage and 25 free video calls. And above that you get free talk time of Rs. 25 but the talk time validity comes for 30 days.

    Under MTNL 3G Plans customers could make all local calls and video calls to the same Network for just Rs.0.20 and to other network for Rs. 0.50. The STD voice call and video calls are charged Rs. 0.75 based on the terms and conditions that you take during 3G plans. But these rates of offer are no longer existing under MTNL 3G plans.

    Given below is the table of new MTNL 3G plans. These plans and prices too are comparatively lower than other service providers who offer 3G services. Now get a Windows mobile phone and see how it works. You will have the world in your palm.

    New MTNL 3G Tariff Plans for new and existing 3G customers in Delhi and Mumbai:

    Local Video call to own N/W Rs. 1.80/min
    Local Video call to other N/W Rs.3.00/min
    STD Video Call Rs.3.75/min
    ISD Video Call Rs.30.00/min
    Data Rate Rs.3.00/MB

    Prepaid 3G Data Coupons Under MTNL 3G plans:

    Coupon-----3G Trial Pack-----3G 250-----3G 450----3G 750----3G 2500

    MRP -----99 ---------250 -------450-------750-------2500

    Free Data Usage-50 MB-----200 MB------500 MB---1GB--------Unlimited*

    Free Local Video call-Nil----25 Min--------50 Min----75 Min-----150 Min
    (to own network)

    Validity for free--15 days---30 days------30 days---30 days----30 days
    data and free video calls

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    Well thnx for all information for 3G services in MTNL

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    Good Analysis of MTNL 3g plans .
    To search for the best available plans according to your usage in MTNL then you should surely check

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyril View Post
    Good Analysis of MTNL 3g plans .
    To search for the best available plans according to your usage in MTNL then you should surely check
    thanks very very much for this site....

    cant give you a repo.. before i get some.. sorry but next time sure..
    job takes the child away.

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