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MTNL 3G SIM roaming issue!

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    Default MTNL 3G SIM roaming issue!

    I bought a MTNL SIM (after good review from a friend) for 3G use in Tamilnadu (as there are no roaming charges for 3G). It worked properly for 1 week. Encouraged by the result I upgraded my plan to 1 year (100GB) for Rs 5000 (What a fool I was!!!). 1 day later the SIM stopped connecting to BSNL!

    Called MTNL Delhi, they say SIM is fine! In Tamilnadu on manual selection the available networks are visible, but it is not connecting to BSNL CellOne. So problem seems to be a blockage at BSNL's end. Contacted TN customer care by use! Emailed concerned use!

    Please suggest a method so make somebody look into this issue!

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    Ask your friend in MTNL area to help. Or visit local exchange and talk to the SDE.

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