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Does MTNL 3G Half Yearly Prepaid Plan exists?

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    Question Does MTNL 3G Half Yearly Prepaid Plan exists?

    I would like to know weather the MTNL (Trump) Delhi Half Year Prepaid plan for Rs.4500 And FUP 200GB exists anymore? If yes, where could I buy it online. Do I need to use . Go to Data Card Section and and just type 4500 In Box.

    Please Reply.

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    To be very honest I would go to one of the MTNL sanchar haats personally and have the pleasure of meeting our good old babu and get a recharge done. I have had trouble using online recharge before only with MTNL although other mobile companies dont give me any trouble. The Rs4500 for 6 months is still there and gives you 200GB but dont risk your money with online recharge sites. Go to MTNL

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