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MTNL Triband at Navi Mumbai not working since 20 days.......

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    Default MTNL Triband at Navi Mumbai not working since 20 days.......

    My Triband NU 849 plan started on 11th November 2008. It worked finely till 28 th November. Then MTNL is down most of the times. In my Router (iBall Baton ADSL 2+Router) ADSL light flashes which should be stable for perfect network connection). From 28 th November to now 15 th December, only 4 - 5 nights only I ahve been ableto download 3 GB data, at other times internet was either down or speed was too slow). I have complained on 1504 and 1800228844 several times. But they just register complaints and nothing much. Internet works for 30 minutes inbetween and thenit is down for 6 - 7 hours.
    I am from Nerul, Navi Mumbai.
    Please Help.

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    Default harrowing experience with mtnl triband

    Same experience here. Not only does MTNL NOT WORK most of the time, its authorities also DO NOT WORK at any time at all. I have tried to reach the following people for 3 consecutive days now without any success:

    GM - 24310645 - Mr. Poorve - Prabhadevi
    27572000 - Mr. Masood - CBD
    27742000 - Mr. Dawre - Prabhadevi Sub Division

    Also, on the reverse of the telephone bill are indicated the following contact numbers:
    Public Grievance - Shri J. D. Hirwale - 27888800, email - - This guy never picks up the phone. Also it is completely unknown if this dude is still posted at the same location under the same designation. Read on for the reason why...
    Appellate Authority - Shri T. K. Sarkar - 27662144, email - - I got to speak with Mr. Sarkar, but apparently he said that he was no longer the Appellate Authority. Whoops, then who was the appellate authority... no answers...

    MTNL has been the WORST experience I have ever had with internet service providers... Better if I do not count my complaints here... the forum might run out of disk space :P

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    Well technically contacting MTNL person's in-charge is a nightmare they keep on giving you different numbers...then you come across certain people like a "Madam" she'll be flat-out rude etc. I've had my share of problems with MTNL...but as per "Indian" standards I suppose its okay. I've been using MTNL Triband for 1 year 5 months now...I've had many a problem in that period but it's gotten fixed.

    Regardless talking about their service it's not great for sure....there is this frequent network not available at around 6-7 am everyday You just need to reset the modem then it works. Strange! really.

    I guess if it works it works if you have any problems it's a nightmare. Luck depending on a pack of cards. You win some You Lose some!

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    Sonu and VIP11204, please keep posting your conversation here for other users review and guidance.

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    Oh my god, im about to shift from youtelecom to triband also from navimumbai, vashi. I didn't think triband has so much problems. any suggestion before i pay for the transfer?

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