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Can someone provide a result

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    Default Can someone provide a result

    can someone with a broadband speed more than 2 MBPS provide me with a result....??

    1)please provide direct result
    2)the server from which u r taking speed test should be located in delhi.
    3)please dont provide older results.
    4)you should be a MTNL user and also write a review in the reply along with the link to speedtest results...

    currently i'm using crappy airtel i'm planning to switch to mtnl as i've heard some good reviews of them.


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    Why are saying a Airtel crappy. And believe me MTNL is not better than Airtel in service quality. Till the time MTNL is up its good but when its goes down, its better to take some other connection.

    Why dont you complain to Airtel Customer care if you have some problem. In last two years I had rarely faced any problem with Airtel. Local engineers are so helpful that you will never want to shift to some other provider.

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    I've been using mtnl for last four years, never had a problem which wasn't resolved within 24hrs. customer care can be clueless at times though.
    Speeds are consistent also their unlimited plans are true fair usage crap!!

    h ttp://w w
    (remove the spaces to load the link)
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