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Is Delhi broadband working on 26xxxxxx number?

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    Default Is Delhi broadband working on 26xxxxxx number?

    Hi all,

    My internet has been dead for the past two days. The customer service people have not been much help. I am getting mixed reports from them that there is a problem on server which deals with telephone numbers starting with 26xxx? Sometimes, an operator says there is a problem othertimes they say it is not a problem.

    Does anybody have a problem like this? My modem doesnt connect at all. At the moment the modem is setup in a bridge mode and connected to linksys router WRT54GL (running dd-wrt firmware). The support guys dont understand `what is a bridge mode` and I am planning to reset the modem so they know what i am talking about.

    By the way the adsl led on the modem is stable. So does it mean that there is some issue with the MTNL server?

    Thanks all.

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    Yes MTNL provides Broad band service in all over delhi

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