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Wifi Modem Cum Router for MTNL

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    Default Wifi Modem Cum Router for MTNL

    I'm looking for WIFI modem cum router for MTNL connection. But most companies- iball,asus,d link are offering it with one RJ 11 port/ RJ 45 only.
    I couldn't get the one like my current D Link modem which is got 2 ports for Line in & Line out as well as RJ 45 so I can simultaneously use Internet & Phone line. I spoke with MTNL Technical guy but he only suggested brands not specific model no.

    Can someone pls suggest some models?

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    What is your budget for the modem cum router?

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    You do not need line in and line out.

    Basically there is a high noise filter between Line in and line out which keeps the Hi Frequency noise from appearing in the telephone voice calls.

    The older idea was to have the DLink modem at the entrance of your MTNL Line in and then going into all other rooms for telephone connections. However, you dont need that now.

    You get what is called as DSL / ADSL Filter which is kind of an extention/adapter that you have to plug before the telephone instrument. This enables the modem to be plugged in at any convenient location (not only at the entry to your house) and all your telephone instruments to have this adapter.

    Just check with the above models whether they are supplied with the DSL Filters

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