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Discontinous Mtnl connection + Reliance Connection with mtnl wifi modem . Possible ?

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    Default Discontinous Mtnl connection + Reliance Connection with mtnl wifi modem . Possible ?

    Hey i am Sunny
    i have 1mbps mtnl connection
    am been using it for 2 years
    and i have recently start using wifi modem

    now the thing is i recently went through Reliance wired_postpaid plans

    Now am Paying arond 1200rs so to me it looks like i can have 2mbps broadband unlimited from reliance and save some cash too

    )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) ))))))

    now so if decide to discontinue rhis connection would they let me keep there instrumnets (wifi modem) and can i use reliance broadband with my old wifi modem as i believe they don't provide wifi with same plans

    ^ From Delhi

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    No mtnl will take away their modem, wires and everything. If reliance doesn't provide them, then you will have to buy your own. Whichever plan you take, make sure it is actually unlimited and not just for namesake.
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    In my area, Reliance provides normal modem with connection with warranty till you keep the connection at no extra charge. Contact your area dealer. Ask for wifi modem+router, else you can buy a separate wifi router.

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