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MTNL not following usage rules

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    Default MTNL not following usage rules

    I have ADSL and Xpress combo unlimited 1000 plan according to which i should get 2Mbps upto 30GB and 752Kbps afterwards .. which worked well in april ..but i am sure that for the last 20 days of may i haven't got the promised 2Mbps as direct downloading and torrents never give a speed above 80KBps. I booked a complaint, and i was reassured that the grand total is from the beginning of the connection and the total part is for the duration shown and the 30gb limit is just for the downloads. So according to that i just crossed 6GB of the 30GB limit. A representative showed up two days later but he had no idea what i was talking about and had a blank expression on his face the whole time. In the end he just said it's probably the telephone instrument ( at which point i realized there is no point talking to this guy ). I have no idea what to do with this issue. I hope tomorrow the issue is resolved automatically as a new month starts. Any advice ?
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    No advise for Mtnl sorry It works well when it works and it doesnt when it doesnt. My own Mtnl connection has been down since January so dont have much to talk about Mtnl unfortunately. Mtnl staff that turns up at my place if they ever do have no idea of what they are doing and what they are here for.

    Mtnl should really be closed or atleast all the old sarkari type staff should be sacked at one go and they should hire new staff.

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