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MS Office Communicator and Live Meeting dont work when i work from home

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    Default MS Office Communicator and Live Meeting dont work when i work from home

    Hello Friends,

    I am using MTNL's Internet connection which is 2 MBPS.
    Whenever i connect my office laptop through it iam not able to access the OCS Microsoft Office communicator and live meeting, Although All other things works fine like my office local intranet sites docs etc. etc.

    My other friends also use MTNl in my area and they dont face any issues at thier home, But when they connect through my Internet they also face the issues.

    I showed it to my IT guys they said everything seems working alright and there is no config issue , I agree with them as when i connect my laptop anywhere except my home it works properly. Like it works even if i tether my mobile 3G.

    MTNL Guys says it might has to do with my Office Laptop config.

    Does any body know whats wrong with it

    Iam using DLINK ADSL 2+ Router GLB-502T

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    The only thing that comes to mind is DNS. OCS is heavily dependent on the DNS you use. Find out what DNS your office connection uses and try that DNS server at home by editing your modems settings and see if this resolves this issue.

    If this does not resolve this problem I am out of ideas as I cant really think of anything that may be different and could be a cause. Do let us know either way.

    Hope this helps

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