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    Exclamation Activation

    I transferred my phone from south Delhi to west Delhi (dwarka). The new number got installed and running on the 1st of November. However the broadband is not active yet (as per 1504). I called 1500 and they said, apne aap ho jayega. Now i was wondering how long does it take to activate. Should i call or email anyone or should i wait further.
    The page shows my old number deactivated but nothing exists for the new number.

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    Give it another 2-3 days, and still after that the connection is not working then give MTNL a call or if you can go to their office.

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    I wonder why you went for MTNL when Spectranet, Nextra, Airtel etc are all available at Dwarka in almost all the sectors. With MTNL it may take some time. Yesterday was a public holiday and I am guessing their Diwali backlog is still there. Be patient it will get activated soon

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