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ADSL Keeps dropping out line quality fluctuates too much

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    Unhappy ADSL Keeps dropping out line quality fluctuates too much

    Hello everyone,
    I have been suffering from bad line quality since a few days. When i lift telephone, ADSL stabilizes a bit but not much, it keeps dropping out 10minutes, sometimes i get above 28dB snr sometimes less than 9 sometimes even in negatives. I got new filter tried running on different modem but it all made no difference, i complained a lot of times but MTNL did not fix it.
    Downstream Upstream
    SNR Margin
    9.9 28.1 db
    Line Attenuation
    40.6 17.9 db
    Data Rate
    4608 1021 kbps
    Attainable Rate
    8423 2373 kbps
    13.7 14.3 dbm
    16254 8124

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    I have been in a similar situation and eventually my MTNL line went dead. I kept complaining for three months and no one from MTNL turned up so I had to get the connection disconnected which was already disconnected any way.

    From my experience the only way to deal with MTNL is to get hold of the line man and see if you can persuade them to do something about the line quality.

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