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MTNL 8mbps plans

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    Default MTNL 8mbps plans

    I have heard that MTNL provides 8mbps plans? Is this true?

    If this information is correct I would like a few questions answered regarding the connection?

    Is this a cable connection or a FTTH connection?

    Is it available in Delhi?

    What is the cost for this 8mbps connection?

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    All this information is available at MTNL's official website. I would only suggest getting it if you live very close to the exchange and your cables are not more then 10-12 years old.

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    Default is limited to very few localities. Maybe if you are lucky enought , you might get that connection!

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    Broadband connections need to be made more qidely available to users especially in the cities. The number of broadband users is increasing by the dayand it is about time that users had more than two choices of connections.

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    Well, its true that MTNL provides 8 Mbps of speed but it's very limited to the location but available in most of the locations , however visiting on the official site can give more information about it, about the cost of the plan differ state to state. The 8 Mbps plan called "Freedom Plan" which cost approx 2500 INR, what majority says that it's value for money or work great.

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    I think it's available for limited areas. If you're lucky enough, you might get this plan at your home. What locality you reside in? Though MTNL provides very good speed sometimes, but I doubt about the 8mbps plan. Anyways, pay a visit to their official website or do a query at their walk in office to get your questions answered more appropriately.

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