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Getting frequent disconnection

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    Unhappy Getting frequent disconnection

    I am having issues with MTNL broadband since past 3-4 months.Calling 1504 did not quite worked for me.This is really annoying,whenever i am playing any multiplayer game or watching videos and my net gets disconnects and so i get disconnected from the game server as well.Please help me solve this disconnection problems.It occurs at random times and this is really frustrating me.Also my ping is sometimes very high.Please give a solution for this.Some details: (Left side numbers are downstream,right side is upstream)

    Mode: G.992.5_Annex_M
    Type: Fast
    Line Coding: Enable
    Status: Up
    Up Time: 13580

    Downstream Upstream
    SNR Margin (0.1dB): 129 269
    Attenuation (0.1dB): 145 0
    Output Power (dBm): 0.5 0.5
    Attainable Rate (Kbps): 16968 2475
    Rate (Kbps): 2303 579
    D (interleave depth): 1 1
    Delay (msec): 0.03 0.24

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    I'm not sure if you can get a real solution here for such a specific problem.Only your ISP can help you in this. If they don't respond to your call, going to their office might work. And if you are so badly frustrated, just witch the ISP.

    With my little experience here, I doubt if we have any spoke person from MTNL on this board.

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    I'd also have to agree and say for a problem such as this, your isp should be your first call. Most these days have a way to check the stability if your internet connection and line, as with a problem like this, either or even both could be at fault.

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    while your connection is active, try to listen to the dial tone. If there is background noise, try replacing the splitter.
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    ok.I will call them.But mostly they say they will send someone to repair but they take like many days to come to my home.If that won't work anyone can suggest a good ISP with not so expensive net plans.I am a gamer so i probably need to download games and games these days are mostly 10 GB+ so please recommend me some good ISP according to that.

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