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Pre paid plan with free cals to mtnl mobiles and land lines

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    Default Pre paid plan with free cals to mtnl mobiles and land lines

    Just thought would let you guys know that Mtnl mobile has a plan called Vidyarthi plan and costs Rs310 per month which gives you Rs100 talk time and all calls to Mtnl land lines and mtnl mobiles are free with this plan with no limits atall.. Ive got one of them and I use it every day to call local in Delhi and it does save me 2-3K every month

    If you make a lot of local land line calls then this is the plan to go with

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    Thank you for the useful information. Will try to save some money when I come to mumbai for a visit. With that unlimited calling will be a plus point for my convenience to talk freely within MTNL network.

    Thanks again.

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