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Slow speeds on MTNL tethering

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    Default Slow speeds on MTNL tethering

    I am using an old MTNL sim card which have inserted into my dual sim mobile phone, as I need a data connection when not at home as well. Since the time I have been using the MTNL sim card in my phone the speed has gone down a lot especially when I use the connection on tethering the speed crawls and I literally have to give up on what I am doing.
    Is there something wrong with the MTNL connection when using it on tethering?

    Is there anyway I can improve the speed of the connection, I have tried using the connection in different places so location does not make much of a difference.

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    Welcome to the world of MTNL which means slow speeds. This is the problem with MTNL at times you will some excellent speeds andat times the speed really drags. Not much can be done really apart from just putting up with it.

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    I only use MTNL for large downloads which can be resumed because apart from slow speed I also get connection dropping problem from time to time. MTNL 3g gives more than 2.5mbps at night but during the day it is more in the range of 700-800kbps.

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    MTNL normally fluctuates with its speeds, you will find that at times the speed is totally slow and at times it is super fast. Its like pot luck when you use the connection.

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    Any wireless connection will have its ups and downs. 3g or evdo or any other technology it does not matter much. 3G especially indoors will never be consistent. If you want a stable connection that does not fluctuates like MTNL 3G then get a cable connection or an adsl connection.

    EVDO is a lot more stable as compared to 3g so might be worth looking at Tata photon or Reliance netconnect or even MTS. Get the one that has a better network for good experience.

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